Architects support

Corian® allows architects freedom in their designs. Whether it is a commercial or domestic area, washbasins, worktops, wall and door claddings, stairs, handrails and more, can be made using Corian®. 
Recently, ventilated facades of buildings are being made more and more often.

Interior designers support

Our collections are simple and extremely effective tools in contemporary bathroom design.
Minimal and neutral style enables to implement a full range of design solutions. From avant-garde interiors where Corian® surfaces would be a calming ingredient, to classic elegance of pastel colours.
A large bathroom is the right place for a surface incorporating washbasins or bowls, but in a small one, the basin unit can be a part of furniture.Corian® is also perfectly suitable for wall cladding or cabinet doors.

Kitchens are another area that strongly exercises the flexibility of designing with Corian®.


We are able to prepare a model in accordance with the project.

Marketing support

We offer samples, promotional materials and technical documentation.

Customisation optoins

We are able to make customised products.

Close cooperation

We are open to enter into an agreement with designers and architects.

If you have more questions, please contact us.