Installation suppliers

Bathroom furniture retailers

Homeowners are happy to replace traditional washbasins by more advanced solutions. They often ask about surfaces incorporating washbasins and bowls, which are easy to clean, and any dirt is removed quickly and effectively by using home methods.

We are looking for distributors of our products, who can offer their customers a proven Corian® design for domestic areas. To ensure professional assistance, we provide our distributors with a partnership package including samples, promoting materials and technical documentation. Our products are delivered directly to the customer or via companies responsible for assembly.

Installation suppliers support

We invite companies interested in the repair of Corian® surfaces to cooperate with us. Not every customer decides to install the washbasin on their own.
We will equip our partners with necessary know-how, assembly kit and authorization, if necessary, we can provide training on Corian® care, drilling, and other simple repairs.

Discount prices

Discount prices for our partners.


In special cases, we are able to prepare displays of our products.

Marketing support

We offer samples, promotional materials and technical documentation.

Partnership package

We can provide trainings, samples and a wide range of examples of Corian applications.

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