Delivery terms

The procedure for ordering our products consists of four simple steps:

  • Step one – please submit an inquiry through the contact platform with a pre-defined product including the name of the collection and the dimensions of the countertop. On the product page along with the price list, there is an order form that must be filled out and sent to us. This step does not create any obligations for you.
  • Step two – by email we will provide you with the order form we have filled out, which specifies the dimensions of the countertops, the front apron and the position of the washbasin on the countertop, the delivery date and all costs related to the product, packaging and transportation.
  • Step three – after receiving Cortic’s confirmed order acceptance and delivery date and checking it, please pay the full amount to Cortic’s account.
  • Step four – after the full amount for the ordered products is received in Cortic’s account – we proceed to carry out the order.

Delivery cost

The total cost of delivery consists of costs associated with the safe packaging of our products and costs generated by shipping companies. They are related to the size of the ordered product and the place of delivery. They are individually calculated for each order.

In order to facilitate the calculation of the total cost of purchasing our products, we offer the following solutions:

  1. Personal pickup at Cortic’s production facility with omission of packaging and transportation costs,
  2. When ordering products in Poland for an amount exceeding 6000 PLN net, packaging and transportation costs are included in the product price.
  3. When ordering products in Germany for an amount exceeding 2000Euros, packaging and transportation costs are included in the price of the product.