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Corian® advantages

Can I get Corian® samples?

You can contact us via our website. A free sample of Corian® Glacier White will be sent to you as soon as possible.
Samples are a great way to match the Corian® colour with other finishes in your home. It is also possible to buy a sample box of the entire range of colours.

Please contact us for more details.

How accurate are the dimensions in the technical drawings?

Our products are handmade, so there may be very slight variations in size. Dimensions in the technical drawings are average values that may vary slightly. However, the discrepancy in the dimensions of the worktops is never greater than 2mm.

Is it better to choose a matte or polished surface?

Corian® is designed for an elegant matte finish that does not lose its appearance when time is passing by. Scratches appearing on the matte surface are less visible. They can be easily removed with an abrasive sponge number 2000. This type of surface finishing works well in contemporary bathroom interiors.
We can polish the surface at the request of a customer, however, it is not recommended.

Why the tap holes are not drilled in the washbasins delivered to the customers?

Because the customer must always have the choice between a wall-mounted or countertop
technique for positioning the faucet. The tap holes can be easily drilled by the customer or installer. We can provide all needed information on how to do it.

Do Corian® surfaces require impregnation?

Unlike natural stone, Corian® never requires impregnation, which makes everyday use easier! Corian® is a non-porous, maintenance-free that you will enjoy for years to come

What makes Corian® the perfect surface?

Corian® is easy to clean, non-porous, stains do not penetrate its surface. When properly cleaned, Corian® is also resistant to the growth of mould and bacteria.

How much does Corian® weigh?

A sheet of Corian®, 12 mm thick and 3658 by 760 mm, weighs approximately 60 kg, which is 23.0 kg per square metre.

Corian maintenance

How to clean Corian®?

Corian® is easy to clean. For daily care, soapy water or an ammonia-based cleaner is sufficient. Small scratches, burns or discoloration are also easy to remove. Damage should be repaired by an authorised Corian® Installer.
Please contact us for assistance.

Is Corian® stain resistant?

Corian® is stain resistant, because it is non-porous. Stains cannot penetrate its surface, so it is easy to clean and maintain. Unlike natural stone, Corian® never requires impregnation.

Is Corian® scratch resistant?

Corian® is a very durable material. Products with a matte finish are particularly easy to maintain and clean. Any scratches and stains that cannot be removed despite intensive cleaning can be easily removed with fine sandpaper without damaging the material.
Corian® is relatively soft compared to natural stone. If you have Corian® worktops, you should use a Cortic chopping board when preparing your meals.

What makes corian® surface different from others?

With almost unlimited design possibilities, Corian® has a distinct advantage over other materials.
Constantly changing range of colours, customise and projects enriched by combining Corian® with other materials such as brass, tile, granite or others. The non-porous Corian® surface is easy to clean and does not require impregnation.

Are corian® surfaces durable?

Corian® is extremely durable and is an excellent choice for applications that will be used frequently. It is stain resistant, non-porous and heat resistant.

Terms of order and method of payment

How to buy our products?

Ordering is based on four simple steps:

  • Step one – Your inquiry via the contact form on our website.
    Please select a specific washbasin from the order form, pick the name of the collection and provide all dimensions. By doing so, you are not committing yourself to anything yet.
  • Step two – we will send you the completed order form with additional information such as dimensions of washbasin, position of the bowls, also the time of delivery and all costs related to the product, packaging and transport.
  • Step three – check all these details and if you agree, please confirm them and make a payment of the full amount to the Cortic account.
  • Step four – after receiving the full amount for the ordered product, we will proceed to make the order.

How to pay for our products?

A bank transfer to a Cortic account is recommended

What is the delivery time?

Even if our products are handmade, most of them are in stock and available immediately but for some of them the delivery time can be extended to 2-3 weeks. For more details, please send us an email.

When should i pay for my order?

Please make your payment within 3 days after sending us your order confirmation.

Is it possible to give back the purchased product?

All ordered products can be easily returned within 14 days. The shipping cost is covered by the customer.

Assembly and installation

Are there any special installation requirements for the purchased products?

For the correct installation of our products, it is enough to use the brackets proposed by us and follow the assembly instructions. We recommend that the installation is carried out by an experienced installation company. In the case of large-size worktops, it should be done by the furniture manufacturer after prior training by Cortic.
If required, the installation can be done by Cortic.

What problems can occur during installation?

On our website you can find a detailed technical drawing regarding this matter.
If you have additional questions, please contact us.

What are the installation requirements?

Each installation should be carried out by a professional with knowledge of sanitary regulations. In addition, standard structural tolerances of the walls, to which the washbasin brackets are mounted, are acceptable.

Can standard hydraulic fittings be used?

All our products can be combined with any fittings or faucets.

Can kitchen worktops be installed by the furniture manufacturer?

Short and straight tops are ready to install and do not require detailed instructions. Worktops which assembly requires joining by gluing and sanding should be made by professionals trained in this field.

Shipping of ordered products

What are the shipping costs?

All products over PLN 6,000 are sent (in Poland) free of charge

Is it possible to ship products abroad?

On request, we offer shipping of our products to the indicated place. The shipping cost depends on the distance. For more information, please contact us.

Is it possible to pick up the ordered product directly from cortic?

It is possible. Then the transport costs will not be charged.

What does the packaging look like?

Our goal is to ensure a damage-free shipment, therefore all products are carefully packed. All tops are shipped in a triple-layer cardboard, placed in a solid wooden box.

Is it possible to choose a specific delivery date?

We ensure delivery within the expected time. You will be informed about it the day before.

Is the ordered product delivered to the apartment?

Unfortunately, for insurance reasons, the goods can be delivered to the curb. Until then, the shipment is insured, and we bear all damages related to transport. Due to the weight and dimensions of the shipment, we recommend having at least two strong people to transport it to its destination.

What should i do if my shipment is damaged?

Upon receiving the product, check it for completeness and visible damage immediately. If damage is found, ask the driver for confirmation and let us know. We will deliver a new product at no extra cost.

If you have more questions, please contact us.