We are an efficient, well-organised and dynamically developing company specialising in the production of countertops and other interior design elements made with Corian®. Good team (no offices, presidents or directors) is able to do any task with the utmost care. Each of us can operate Corian® processing tools, as well as carry out negotiations with the customer. We have the latest machinery and many years of experience guaranteeing the highest quality of our products.

Customised washbasins

Each Corian® product is handmade with the utmost attention to detail. Our collections include four basic types of washbasins and countertops of any size to embody the design ideas of our customers. Countertops can have an apron of any width when they are mounted on brackets or can be also without it when they are part of bathroom furniture.
We are able to make a countertop with one or many washbasins, as well as a washbasin, and select the appropriate countertop for it. It is also possible to match a ceramic washbasin and Corian® countertop, if you have designed it that way.
Our countertops are made very precisely with a dimensional accuracy not exceeding 1mm. This applies to both of the dimensions, countertops and washbasins, as well as their positioning. To suit all tastes, we offer the Corian® kitchen worktops in a variety of styles: from cool contemporary minimalism to traditional country aesthetic. 

The best price

Good organisation of work combined with access to the latest technologies of Corian® processing allows us to optimise production and shorten the time of it too.
This, combined with low price of raw material purchased directly from DuPont, gives us the
opportunity to calculate a reasonable price and keep the highest standard of workmanship.

Experience of 35 years

Most of us have huge experience in designing, manufacturing and distributing Corian® 

Experience on the commercial market

We were an important part of the teams implementing Corian® in their large scale projects.

Experience on the residential marekt

In only 2 years, we have made almost 2,000 Corian® washbasins for one of the German company.

Close cooperation with dupont

We obtain know-how and raw material directly from the producer of Corian®